All About Casablanca Ceiling Fans

All About Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Burton A. Burton was the person behind the world-class Casablanca ceiling fans. In 1974, Burton A. Burton enters the ceiling fan market with his built-driven units for commercial use. The demands of the consumer inspired the company to residential market. Until now, Casablanca Fan products are known for its unique designs and styles, superior performance and long lasting durability. These characteristics are the factors that make the consumers trust Casablanca.

Casablanca ceiling fans are absolutely provide exceptional superior performance because of the meticulous process that the company impose for each of the unit they produce. From the selection of the materials up to the shipment, Casablanca makes sure that it follows the standard.

The company believes that when the products are made with durability in mind, the result will favor the company since consumers will trust their products. This is one of the factors that inspire the company to always make high-quality units.

Each unit of ceiling fan from Casablanca is made to become a stylish feature in the home in addition to the comfort that this item provides.

The process of creating Casablanca fan units is meticulously executed and given enough attention so each detail is guaranteed be sturdy.

The process of the construction of the units starts in creating sketches for the designs and styles of the fans. Casablanca Fan Company has the state-of-the-art Alias 3D software to where the sketches are moved so the designers can create virtual designs of fans.

Engineering is the phase two of the process. When the designs are approved for progress, the Engineering Department of Casablanca continues the development of the products ensuring the quality of the designs and styles as well as the performance.

Casablanca uses virgin zinc not the re-melted scrap to create the housing, blade holders and other parts. They also use furniture-grade veneer wood for blades and hand-blown glass for fixture that add classiness to the fan. The materials mention provides beauty, quality and durability to the product. The finishes of each unit is carefully applied to ensure durability and elegance.

Before the products are pack for distribution, each unit is inspected and passes under the quality control standard to assure that the components are durable and that the unit will work efficiently.

There are many authorized dealers near you to where you can purchase a unit of Casablanca fan. Moreover, there are also authorized online shops that offer Casablanca ceiling fans.

The many selections of ceiling fans from Casablanca will give you the chance to pick the unit to suit your taste and match with your other home decors. Whether you opt for traditional or modern designs, you can certainly acquire a unit of your choice.

Any part of your house and even your patio is a perfect place for this ceiling-mounted fan. This is one of the great things you can have as it serves functions which make your life easy and comfortable. This is great piece of investment you can have for your home that can last a lifetime with superior performance and durable qualities.

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