Benefits of Adding a Ceiling Fan Outside

Benefits of Adding a Ceiling Fan Outside

Many people haven't even considered the idea of putting a ceiling fan outside.

Or if they have considered it, they were afraid their selection would be limited to ugly, plain fans. Or it could be that people think that a ceiling fan placed outside on a deck or covered patio will not accomplish much in the way of relief from the heat. The reality is - both of these concerns are unfounded.

Outdoor ceiling fans are an easy and affordable way to add a cool breeze to your deck or patio area. During the hot, humid months of summer you can stir up a refreshing breeze with an energy efficient outdoor ceiling fan. Fans designed specifically for outside installation can also be considered for indoor installation. This is not true in reverse. You should never install an indoor fan in an outdoor setting.

Another plus to adding an outdoor fan on a deck or patio, is the optional lighting kit that is usually offered with most models. Since you have the wiring in place to run the fan, it should be easy enough to get the additional wiring to handle an installation of a light. The selection of light kits and glass globes will surely please any taste reflected in your outdoor dcor and patio furniture. The most popular seller for weather proof fans is the outdoor tropical ceiling fan.

Outdoor ceiling fans are categorized as either Damp or Wet Rated. You want to be sure you choose the best one for the area you live in. The Damp rated ceiling fan can be installed in a covered area that will never be directly exposed to water and the elements. If the area for the fan is going to be exposed to rain in an uncovered or partially covered area, then you must install a fan rated Wet. A Wet rated fan is recommended in areas such as partially covered Gazebos, or a patio, porch, or deck that does not have a solid covering. A lattice roof is an example of when a Wet rated fan is absolutely necessary. If the area is covered but the fan will be installed close to the edges of the overhead protection, then it is best to get a Wet rated fan. A powerful, windy rain storm could possibly get the fan wet.

I want to re-emphasize that it is a very bad idea to try install anything but an outside fan in an outdoor area. This includes screened in areas. The indoor fans are not built to deal with excessive moisture and harsh elements. The fluctuation in temperature is not good for the fan motor and it is doubtful the fan will function for very long. It could even pose a fire danger. The Wet rated fans are sealed and water proof and are the safe way to go for any outside location.

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