Dealing With Wobbling Ceiling Fans

Dealing With Wobbling Ceiling Fans

A visual inspection is important before doing something drastic. This can help you identify the cause why your ceiling fan wobble then you'll be able to fix that later on. One of the first reasons why ceiling fans quiver is because of loose connections. The nuts and screws that link the fan to the junction box is typically the common part that causes the wobbling. You can remove the screws from the canopy to remove the fan from the ceiling. You have got to tighten the nuts that connect the ceiling fan plate to the junction box.

The uneven balancing of the fan blades of your ceiling fan will additionally cause the wobble. This can be a terribly tricky problem because it can be very troublesome to identify where the uneven balancing lies. However there are some ways to find out where the problem is. You should place a clothespin on a blade and start the fan at a low speed. If the wobble disappears, then that's where the uneven balancing lies. But, if the wobble is still there, keep on attempting the clothespin methodology to the remaining blades.If you have determined where the uneven balance lies, you must place weights halfway from the tip of the blade.

Another cause of wobbling ceiling fans is off-angled fan blades. Ideally, fan blades lie flat on the surface, however if it bends in any direction, it is warped. You must ask for a substitute from the company where the fan was manufactured or at the center where you bought the unit.

These are just some of the situations of why a ceiling fan wobbles and the way to remedy it. You need to always treat ceiling fan wobbles very seriously not solely because it can destroy your fan, but it can be a heavy danger to you and your family's safety at home.

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