Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs With Ceiling Fans

Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs With Ceiling Fans

The summer heat can wreak havoc on your electric bills. How do you keep those costs down while simultaneously keeping your home cool? Consider installing a ceiling fan. While it is necessary to run your air conditioning on warm summer days to keep the humidity and contaminants like pet dander out of your house, you don't have to keep the air down in the abnormally low to prevent your legs from sticking to your leather chair. That can get expensive very quickly. Having regular maintenance performed on your air conditioning systems is the best way to keep your electricity costs low because then you can be assured that the system is functioning most efficiently. Also, keep in mind that ceiling fans can help keep your home cool without adding too much to your electric bill.

Heat rises

You learned in basic high school science classes that heat rises. You notice it most during the summer when you go upstairs to go to bed at night. The temperature increases with every step you take up the stairs. Your air conditioning feels stronger on the first floor than it does on the second floor. How can you combat this natural phenomenon? Keep your bedroom cool with a ceiling fan. It cools the air close to the ceiling, which sinks back down the floor, creating a circular movement of cooled air. So you don't have to jack up your air conditioning just to get to sleep at night.

Sometimes it's just not hot enough for air conditioning

Sometimes, in the evenings especially, it's just not hot enough to keep the air conditioning on all night. Sometimes all you need is some air movement to keep cool enough to sleep. Ceiling fans can provide that movement without having to turn the whole house into an icebox.

Noise level is minimal

Box fans are an inexpensive way to keep cool in the summer, but the noise of running them makes using box fans an unappealing option. If you are talking on the phone or watching tv, you must turn the volume up to a high level to be able to hear decently. Ceiling fans are quiet alternative to box fans and you have the added convenience of having it out of the way at all times. Box fans have to be placed in a window or on a table, which are not always convenient locations depending on the day. A ceiling fan is always conveniently located since it gets mounted on the ceiling.

Fans can add to your home décor

Your ceiling fan can enhance the interior design you have chosen for your home. You can use an accent color to bring out the subtleties of the room or a base color to match the room perfectly. Color isn't the only decision you have to make when choosing a ceiling fan. Maybe you prefer a fan made of wood. Would you like a ceiling fan with a light on it? Do you prefer a fan with three or five blades? These decisions will be based on decisions you have already made concerning the color and pattern schemes in your home. How do you know what size fan to get? You need to make sure you get the right size fan for the room you want to place it in. If it is too small, it will not effectively cool the room. If it is too big, it may disturb the comfort of the room with too much overwhelming wind. You also want to make sure that the amount of space between the ceiling and the fan is appropriate. Accidents can happen easily if the fan is too far away from the ceiling. If your ceiling is only eight feet high, then the fan only needs to be three inches down from that.

Most people are able to install ceiling fans themselves without too much trouble and can really help you keep cool in the summer.

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