Proper Care and Maintenance Tips for Ceiling Fans

Proper Care and Maintenance Tips for Ceiling Fans

Electricity bill could rise up during winter and summer season which is why if you are looking for a way to save you might want to consider investing on ceiling fans. One of its main functions is to keep the air flow properly regulated. Finding a size that will match the area of your home is easier because of the wide range of choices. Less maintenance and cleaning are needed with the new ceiling fan models but even if this is the case, routine check is necessary.

If you want to keep your repair expenses on a minimal, it is better to address the problem before it becomes worst. This maintenance checkup does not really require the assistance from experts because it is relatively easy and can be done during the weekends. In order to save time, make sure to organize all the tools that you'll need to disassemble the parts. Look for any signs of damage and check on parts that might require repair or replacement.

Care for ceiling fans does not have any difference as how you would keep your home appliances in good condition. An instruction manual is usually provided and it includes procedures on how to properly clean your fans. Here are also some helpful hints on how to keep it looking new:

1. It is very important to keep dust away so clean the fan blades using only a clean material. One of the things that might cause the fan to produce a weird sound is because the dusts are starting to pile up, limiting its ability to provide superior performance. Always use a clean cloth that is free from any chemicals. Use a dusting tool that is safe for the type of your fan blades.

2. Remember that put oil in the motor regularly. This is especially important for old models of ceiling fans. Proper lubrication allows the fan to function effectively. Modern designs provide the benefit of not having to regularly check the motor oil.

3. Start checking if the screws are tight and well- fastened once you noticed that the fan starts wobbling. If the weight of the ceiling fan is not evenly distributed among its blades, it will be better to purchase a balancing kit in order to fix the problem. Kits can be bought on the store where you got the fan or online. All you need to do is follow the instructions and repeat the steps until all blades are balanced.

4. To save time, make a list ahead of time and write all the aspects that you will need to examine. Regular maintenance is also needed for ceiling fans that comes with light kits.

Once the winter season is over, immediately schedule a maintenance check especially on outdoor ceiling fans since they've been subjected to extreme weather conditions. As with the fan blades, it is safe to perform dusting at least twice a month. Ceiling fans that are well-maintained will be able to keep its good condition for years.

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